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Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible
The Complete A-Z Guide to a Healthy Life

„Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible” on kõvakaaneline raamat. Raamatu seisukord: .

Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible The Complete A-Z Guide to a Healthy Life kaanepilt – front cover

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Autor: Gillian McKeith.

„Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible” – tutvustus

It’s now proven beyond all doubt that eating more leafy green vegetables helps to prevent cancer, that many of the obese children of today will die before their parents, that good nutrition is the very best aid through the menopause and can even help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease ... and simply having bags more energy and vitality is a tremendous benefit in itself, considering the stresses of modern life.

This book brings together for the first time Gillian’s life’s work and offers the very best information on how food affects your health, well-being, ageing, ability to fight disease and quality of life. It is innovative in its design and extremely user-friendly with a comprehensive A–Z section on all the common illnesses and diseases – a must-have book for anyone who cares about their health.

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About the Author
Dr Gillian McKeith (PhD) is an internationally acclaimed holistic nutritionist. Gillian is the presenter of You Are What You Eat, the hit Celador primetime television programme for Channel Four. Gillian is the author of the bestselling You Are What You Eat and You Are What You Eat Cookbook, Dr Gillian McKeith’s Ultimate Health Plan, Dr Gillian McKeith’s Shopping Guide and Gillian McKeith's Wedding Countdown Diet.

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„Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible” on kõvakaaneline raamat, 397 lk; 19,6 × 25,3 cm; ↔ 3,8 cm; 1,466 kg.

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Raamatu „Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible” ilmumisandmed: Penguin Books Ltd, 2008

ISBN/EAN: 9780718148904 (978-0-718-14890-4)

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