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Body Clutter
Love Your Body, Love Yourself

„Body Clutter” on pehmekaaneline raamat. Raamatu seisukord: nagu uus.

Body Clutter Love Your Body, Love Yourself kaanepilt – front cover

Hind: 19.90

Autorid: Leanne Ely, Marla Cilley.

„Body Clutter” – tutvustus

In Sink Reflections, Marla Cilley – the FlyLady – helped hundreds of thousands of her fans combat overwhelming household C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Taking a “baby-steps” approach, she offered little chores to do every day, to wipe out clutter and feelings of inadequacy. Now, in Body Clutter, the FlyLady and Leanne Ely, the Dinner Diva and creator of the Saving Dinner series, team up to teach readers how to handle and erase the clutter they carry on their bodies and minds when it comes to body image.

The FlyLady and Leanne say that it’s not about finding the perfect diet, it’s about the way you feel about food and your body and understanding sound nutrition. With warm voices, unique lingo, and no preaching, they apply a step-by-step technique, coaching the readers from beginning to end and sharing their own success stories along the way.

Raamatu „Body Clutter” sisukord

Raamatu „Body Clutter” sisukord on veel sisestamata või see puudub sootuks.

Raamatu „Body Clutter” tehnilised andmed

„Body Clutter” on pehmekaaneline raamat, 223 lk; 15,5 × 23,4 cm; ↔ 1,5 cm; 380 g.

Body Clutter „Body Clutter” on Laos nr 2, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua tellimisjärgsel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „Body Clutter” ilmumisandmed: Simon and Schuster, 2007

ISBN/EAN: 9781416534624 (978-1-4165-3462-4, 1-4165-3462-8, 1416534628)

Ostan „Body Clutter” hinnaga 19.90

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