1001 little beauty miracles
Secrets and solutions from head to toe

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Brimming with beauty remedies and advice on everything from make-up application to fake tanning, 1001 Little Beauty Miracles offers quick, simple ways to improve and maintain your good looks. Here are invaluable solutions to such beauty quandaries as disguising blemishes, tweezing unruly brows, and making thin hair look luxuriously thick. Even if you’re an ungroomed, nail-biting, hair-yanking exercise-phobe, these corner-cutting tips will have you looking your best with a minimum of fuss. Esme Floyd is a contributor to The Sunday Times Style magazine.

• Antiageing
• Bad Hair Days
• Cosmeceuticals
• Emergency treatments
• Exfoliation
• Eyebrows
• Face care
• Hair & face masks
• Hair Removal
• Hands & feet
• Holiday beauty
• Holistic beauty
• Home spa
• Lips
• Makeup
• Massage
• Organic beauty
• Scent
• Seasonal beauty
• Skincare
• Sun protection
• Supplements & vitamins
• Toners & creams
• Tools of the trade
• Travel
• Wrinkle-busters

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About the Author
Esme Floyd specializes in health, science, and lifestyle subjects. She writes regularly for U.K. publications Zest and Men’s Health, and is the author of 1001 little health miracles, 1001 little ways to save our planet, 1001 little ways to spend less and live well and 1001 little parenting miracles. She has also worked on TV documentaries for the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

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Raamatu „1001 little beauty miracles” ilmumisandmed: Carlton Books Ltd, 2006

ISBN/EAN: 9781844425334 (978-1-84442-533-4, 1844425339)

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