One Is Fun!

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Hind: 19.90

Autor: Delia Smith.

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This cookery book provides easy-to-prepare recipes specially devised for the single cook, so that they don’t have to divide ordinary recipes for four into a meal for one person.

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About the Author
Delia Smith CBE is the UK’s best-selling cookery author, having published over 21 million copies since her first book, How to Cheat at Cooking, was published in 1973. Her cookery books, including Delia’s Frugal Food, Delia Smith’s Cookery Course and Delia’s Complete How to Cook have become instant classics and are firm favourites of cooks around the world, making Delia a household name. Awarded both an OBE and a CBE in recognition of her “contribution to television cooking and recipe writing”, Delia’s signature, no-nonsense approach to cooking has inspired millions of home cooks to master the culinary basics and prepare classic, delicious meals with minimum fuss.

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„One Is Fun!” on pehmekaaneline raamat, 224 lk; 15,8 × 23,3 cm; ↔ 1,5 cm; 524 g.

Raamat „One Is Fun!” on Laos nr 2, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua tellimisjärgsel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „One Is Fun!” ilmumisandmed: Coronet Books, 1987

ISBN/EAN: 9780340389591 (978-0-340-38959-1, 0340389591)

Ostan „One Is Fun!” hinnaga 19.90

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