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10 Minutes to Table
Real food in 10 minutes – no cheating

„10 Minutes to Table” on ümbrispaberiga kõvakaaneline raamat. Raamatu seisukord: .

10 Minutes to Table Real food in 10 minutes – no cheating kaanepilt – front cover

Hind: 19.90

Autor: Xanthe Clay.

„10 Minutes to Table” – tutvustus

Supermarkets are full of slickly packaged prepared dishes and takeaways are on almost every corner, so is cooking at home worth the effort? With ready meals often taking half an hour or more to heat and their ingredients sounding as if they belong in a laboratory, Ten Minutes to Table proves that the answer to this question is an emphatic “yes”.
Cooking at home is the cheaper, healthier, tastier and, as proved by Xanthe, faster option. Every week on the “Telegraph” website, Xanthe cooks against the clock, using fresh ingredients, in 10 minutes or fewer. Over 80 such recipes appear in this book. With insider tips and expert advice, Xanthe shows that it is easy to eat well at home when time is in short supply.

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„10 Minutes to Table” on ümbrispaberiga kõvakaaneline raamat, 175 lk; 19,8 × 25,5 cm; ↔ 1,7 cm; 780 g.

Raamat „10 Minutes to Table” on Laos nr 1, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua samal või esimesel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „10 Minutes to Table” ilmumisandmed: Octopus Publishing Group, 2009

ISBN/EAN: 9781845334956 (978-1-84533-495-6)

Ostan „10 Minutes to Table” hinnaga 19.90

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