Indulgence Slices
A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats

„Indulgence Slices” on kõvakaaneline raamat. Raamatu seisukord: nagu uus.

Indulgence Slices A Fine Selection of Sweet Treats kaanepilt – front cover

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„Indulgence Slices” – tutvustus

Enthused by the revival of the art of high tea and combined with the on-going trend for home cooks to lovingly produce hand-crafted gourmet items for sharing, Murdoch Books’ specially selected team of pastry and dessert chefs have developed two decadent new titles in the Indulgence series featuring the most delicious recipes for slices and petit fours. With a jewellery box colour palate and bespoke design, inspired by exquisite, antique chocolate boxes, Parisienne patisseries, elegant chinaware and lavish fabrics, Indulgence Slices contains more than 60 delicious and addictive recipes for fabulous sweet treats like orange, pistachio and semolina slice or rose cheesecake slice. Try stopping at one!

Raamatu „Indulgence Slices” sisukord

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„Indulgence Slices” on kõvakaaneline raamat, 158 lk; 20,7 × 22,7 cm; ↔ 1,5 cm; 606 g.

Indulgence Slices „Indulgence Slices” on Laos nr 2, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua tellimisjärgsel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „Indulgence Slices” ilmumisandmed: Murdoch Books, 2009

ISBN/EAN: 9781741961195 (978-1741961195, 174196119X)

Ostan „Indulgence Slices” hinnaga 24.90

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