Grammar Express with answers

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Grammar Express’ is a practical tool for intermediate students who wish to learn or review English grammar. It offers a balance of grammar reference and practice, can be used in class or for self-study, provides a range of clear explanatory charts and presents language in real-life contexts. Self-check activities and tests help students monitor their understanding and progress, ʻBe careful’ notes warn of common errors and 32 appendices provide useful information on a range of subjects from the obvious (irregular verbs) to the less obvious (common time word changes in indirect speech).

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„Grammar Express with answers” on pehmekaaneline raamat, 418 lk; 19,6 × 26,5 cm; ↔ 2,4 cm; 908 g.

Raamat „Grammar Express with answers” on Laos nr 2, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua tellimisjärgsel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „Grammar Express with answers” ilmumisandmed: Longman, 2003

ISBN/EAN: 9780582776456 (0582776457, 058277645-7)

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