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Speak the Culture

„Speak the Culture” on pehmekaaneline raamat. Raamatu seisukord: .

Speak the Culture France kaanepilt – front cover

Hind: 24.95

Autor: Andrew Whittaker.

„Speak the Culture” – tutvustus

A guidebook can show you where to go, a phrase-book what to say when you get there. Only Speak the Culture: France will lead you to the nation’s soul. This easy-to-use cultural companion reflects what it means to have grown up with Camus, Cézanne, De Gaulle and Bardot. It captures the spirit of France and delves deep into the Gallic psyche.

Through exploring the people, the movements and the lifestyles that have shaped the French experience, you will come to an intimate understanding of France and the French.

There are many travel guides and manuals on living in France. Speak the Culture: France is different: a superbly designed, informed and entertaining insight into French life and culture and who the French really are.

Recommended by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the Official French Government Centre of Language and Culture in the UK.

For new residents, business travellers, holidaymakers, students and lovers of France everywhere, Speak the Culture: France is an engaging companion and guide to an enviably rich civilization at the heart of Europe.

It would be wrong to imagine that your average Frenchwoman just pops into Chanel on the Rue du Faubourg-St-Honoré whenever she needs a new bag, cardy or fragrance. While a significant minority do indulge in ready-to-wear lines produced by designer labels, most are happy with less brand-conscious garments. Small boutiques and historic department stores like Le Bon Marché and Les Galeries Lafayette sell the big brands, but many French are happy to buy anonymous clothes at knockdown prices in chain stores like Tati, or even in the hypermarket.

Raamatu „Speak the Culture” sisukord

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Raamatu „Speak the Culture” tehnilised andmed

„Speak the Culture” on pehmekaaneline raamat, 308 lk; 15,0 × 22,0 cm; ↔ 2,1 cm; 610 g.

Speak the Culture „Speak the Culture” on Laos nr 2, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua tellimisjärgsel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Raamatu „Speak the Culture” ilmumisandmed: Thorogood, 2008

ISBN/EAN: 9781854184931 (1854184938, 978-1-85418-493-1)

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