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Delicious Magazine, November 2019
Your get-ahead issue: Christmas part 1

„Delicious Magazine, November 2019” on ajakiri. Ajakirja seisukord: uus.

Delicious Magazine, November 2019 Your get-ahead issue: Christmas part 1 kaanepilt – front cover

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Toimetaja: Karen Barnes.

„Delicious Magazine, November 2019” – tutvustus

We’re doing Christmas slightly differently in 2019. Why? Because many of you got in touch last year saying you’d like more time to think about what you want to cook. I get that. Christmas needs more of a lead-in than other celebrations because we tend to set so much store by it, don’t we? When you ask, we listen, so welcome to Christmas part one, with a focus on fuzzy festive dreams and getting ahead. December (part two) is our Christmas & New Year issue, and the two magazines are designed as a set to give you celebratory inspiration in bucketfuls. And of course, there’s plenty you’ll want to cook and eat right now.
Getting back to the planning bit, here is an insight into my world: list-making forms the backbone of my life. I’m addicted, whether it’s tasks to achieve, restaurants to visit, books to read or ... well, anything I’m determined to remember. On p 128 you’ll find my Advent planner: 24 steps to a more organised life. Don’t take it the wrong way, though – I’m not saying you have to do it all (I never manage to), but just getting your head around a plan will make everything more do-able.
I’m delighted to welcome back Delia, too, who’s going to share a favourite recipe each month and tell us the story behind it. We also have a big and wonderful dose of Rick Stein (those galettes! that cheesy crab soufflé!) and Gill Meller’s get-ahead Christmas recipes, all wrapped up in a festive glow that will, I hope, ramp up the anticipation further. Plus our own team’s collection of freezer-packing magic designed to ease your way into the busy weeks ahead AND the special 16-page vegetarian and vegan menu collection between p 74 and p 75. November is a feast of a magazine, and there’s so much more to come. Time to get out a notebook and light those candles ...

Delicious Magazine, November 2019 recipe index

Starters, sides, nibbles
• Bacon & sausage rolls with spicy beetroot ketchup
• Duck liver parfait with fig relish
• Pot-sticker dumplings
• Potato and parsnip latkes
• Roast parsnip, chicory, orange & red onion salad with rosemary & toasted walnuts
• Tamarind & bacon-wrapped chicken wings & halloumi



• Brined & barbecue-roasted turkey with beetroot puree & tahini gravy
• Coq au riesling
• Creamy chicken, mushroom and dijon pie
• Roast chicken thighs with new potatoes & greens
• Roast stuffed chicken with mustard fruits & green sauce

Beef, lamb, pork & game
• Moroccan-spiced roast ’n’ braise lamb shoulder & onions with freekeh, ginger, citrus & honey
• Baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, cheese and chives
• Black bean pork noodles with coriander & peanuts
• Cider & mustard glazed ham with dauphinois potatoes, greens and gravy
• Potato champ cakes with crispy bacon and a fried egg
• Sloppy joe flatbreads
• Sticky bloody mary sausage casserole

Fish & seafood
• Crab & emmental souffles
• Herby crème fraîche salmon fillets with grilled avocado & mixed grains
• Spaghetti alle vongole
• Trout with crème fraîche and brined gherkins

Vegetarian, vegan & vegetable-based
• Buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms & eggs
• Kale, leek and mushroom lasagne with crunchy blue vinny topping
• Leek, smoked cheddar and mustard rarebits with salty crumbled chestnuts
• Leek tart from Picardy
• Pumpkin, brussels sprout, cannellini & sage pasta bake
• Roast brussels sprouts and caramelised onions, smoked paprika, dill & baked eggs
• Sweet potato soup with garlic croutes

Sweet things
• Chocolate-coated flower creams
• Chocolate gingerbread Christmas cake
• Classic Christmas cake
• Danish apple doughnuts (æbleskiver)
• Dried fig and Seville orange marmalade custard trifle
• Grasmere Gingerbread affogato
• Honey and pine nut nougat
• Kougelhopf glacé
• Maple chestnut spread
• Party-size fig frangipane tart with stem ginger custard
• Polish Christmas cheesecake
• Rum & pineapple Christmas pudding
• Slice-and-bake Christmas cookies
• Tarte flambée with apples
• Zesty-boozy mince pies

• Grapefruit & ginger vodka
• Personalised tea bags
• Stout, celeriac, orange & dried fruit loaf with winter herbs
• The delicious, gin party punch

Collector’s edition: veggie & vegan Christmas
• Middle Eastern-spiced nut roast with three-potato topping
• Avocado & squash tempura with ponzu dipping sauce
• Sformato with roast grapes, radicchio & olives
• Mini mushroom and freekeh scotch eggs
• Three-onion soup with stilton croutons
• Mushroom & lentil bake with tahini crust & red onion salad
• Squash ravioli with roasted mushrooms & sage pesto
• Clementine, pomegranate and cranberry jelly
• Fondue cheese kataifi pie with pear & walnuts
• Crème caramels with caramel oranges

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