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Delicious Magazine, December 2015
The Christmas and New Year Issue

„Delicious Magazine, December 2015” on ajakiri. Ajakirja seisukord: uus.

Delicious Magazine, December 2015 The Christmas and New Year Issue kaanepilt – front cover

Hind: 10.90

Toimetaja: Karen Barnes.

„Delicious Magazine, December 2015” – tutvustus

The big event is almost here, and it brings with it mixed emotions: if you love the festivities that dominate the month, there’s anticipation and excitement. But, whether or not you revel in those celebrations, there’s a huge amount to get done and stress levels can run high. As well as putting ridiculous pressure on ourselves to create – and live – the festive dream, the reality is we still have to get a wholesome dinner on the table at the end of the working day to feed hungry mouths – even if only our own – in the run-up to the 25th. So you’ll find a raft of down-to-earth recipes alongside a 94-page cookbook of special festive ideas to guide you through December with wisdom and verve.
Apart from that, you may have spotted that we’ve created two versions of our front over this month – one frosty and twinkly; one warm, cosy and candelit (see p 6) ...
Which one did you get? I’ll sign off by wishing you the happiest of times in the weeks ahead, whatever you’re doing. One thing’s for sure – there will be food involved and, with a bit of inspiration from your favourite magazine, it will be magnificent!
– Karen Barnes, Editor

Delicious Magazine, December 2015 recipe index

Starters, sides, nibbles
• Baked pork, almond & marsala stuffing with crispy bread sauce topping
• Balsamic & brown sugar roast carrots & parsnips
• Beetroot crisps with blue cheese & pear jam
• Brussels sprouts cooked in foaming butter with crispy chestnuts
• Crab & cayenne palmiers
• Crostini selection
• Drunk Spanish devils on horseback
• Garlic & lemon potatoes with smoked salt & paprika
• Herbed crab, saffron & chilli mayonnaise with toasted baguette
• Morcilla & spicy pepper sausage rolls
• Pan-fried wild mushrooms with celeriac puree & crispy sage leaves
• Roast potatoes & apples with bacon & herb salt
• Romanesco, toasted hazelnut, golden raisin & parsley salad
• Scallops with crispy bacon, spinach & bearnaise sauce
• Seasonal greens with hazelnuts & lemon
• Sticky sausages
• Warm cheese & onion cups
• Whisky-cured sea trout on cream cheese & pumpernickel with apple salad
• Winter salad with buttermilk dressing


Beef, lamb & game

• Beef cheek & ale pie with chocolate
• Juniper-roasted crown of venison with Cumberland sauce
• Meatball & wild mushroom tagliatelle
• Quick chilli con came

• Christmas hash
• Leftover ham, fresh fennel slaw & spicy avocado wraps
• Pickled chilli ham & cheese toastie with parmesan crisp
• Sticky chilli jam glazed ham with crunchy slaw
• The big meatball lasagne

• Braised pheasant with whisky sauce & pearl barley pilaf
• Leftover turkey & chorizo stew with chickpeas
• Roast turkey with fennel & paprika
• Turkey curry

Fish & shellfish
• Baked fish & chips with fried brussels sprouts
• Pan seared teriyaki salmon stir-fry
• Smoked haddock risotto

Vegetarian & meat-free
• Mushroom & kale basmati pilaf
• Parmesan & ricotta cheesecake
• Pumpkin, paneer & vine leaf pie
• Rarebit with fried egg
• Roasted red onion, walnut & blue cheese pasta
• Warm lentil & beetroot salad
• Warm roast cauliflower, sweet potato & quinoa salad

Sweet things
• Balsamic caramel swirl ice cream and magic chocolate sauce
• Banana & bourbon crepe cake
• Caramel “glue”
• Caramelised orange cheesecake with spun sugar crown
• Chocolate, hazelnut & cherry tart with burnt meringue
• Clementine & pistachio mince pies
• Damson roly-poly doughnut puddings with boozy custard
• Edible star wreath
• Festive hanging biscuits
• Fruity Christmas buns
• Gingerbread dough
• Gingerbread street
• Festive cake (in 3 styles & 3 flavours)
• Panettone, vin santo berries & zabaglione cream trifle
• Vanilla & ginger soufflés with blackberry gin sauce
• Warm Christmas tart
• Warm marzipan buns
• Whisky & honeycomb parfaits with brandy snaps
• Whisky, walnut & brown butter tart with atholl brose ice cream

• Almond milk eggnog
• Boozy cream
• Christmas bauble cake
• Christmas (cheese) crackers
• Dulce de leche cocktail
• Elderflower mulled white wine
• Flaming rum punch
• French 75 cocktail
• Manhattan cocktail
• Olive-garnished martini cocktail
• Pomander prosecco cocktail
• Proper gravy
• Royal icing
• Spiced nuts
• Very berry cocktail

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„Delicious Magazine, December 2015” on ajakiri, 164 lk; 22,0 × 27,5 cm; ↔ 0,6 cm; 376 g.

Ajakiri „Delicious Magazine, December 2015” on Laos nr 1, saame postitada või kontorisse tuua samal või esimesel TÖÖPÄEVAL.

Ajakirja „Delicious Magazine, December 2015” ilmumisandmed: Eye to Eye Media, 2015

ISBN/EAN: 9771742158144

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