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Your Best Ever Christmas 2019
357 festive ideas

„Your Best Ever Christmas 2019” on ajakiri. Ajakirja seisukord: uus.

„Your Best Ever Christmas 2019” – tutvustus

Welcome to Your Best Ever Christmas!
It is the season to feel jolly, and indeed the time is almost upon us. We can’t believe it’s been nearly a whole year since we last talked tinsel, turkey and traditions, yet here we are! We all love Christmas and the warmth and happiness it brings to our family and friends. Magical, memorable and truly the most wonderful time of year – and we’re here to make sure 2019’s Christmas becomes exactly that for you. You’ll find this issue packed with the best pick of on-trend festive fashion, mouthwatering recipes to wow your guests and the perfect planner to organise your festive schedule. Plus, we’ve thrown in an extra-special 28-page Christmas Cupcake Collection magazine, packed with baked goodies gorgeous enough to impress Santa, and a 24-page Christmas Craft magazine from which you can create home-made masterpieces for gifts or decoration. We’re confident this will all help create your best Christmas yet. Happy reading!
– Merry Christmas, Alison

Contents of Your Best Ever Christmas 2019

Get Ready For Christmas!
8 It All Adds Up
11 Festive Feasts
12 Best Dressed
15 Let’s Go Shopping
16 Create A Welcome
19 It’s All In The Planning

Your Festive Home
20 Dreamy Night
22 Cosy Christmas
24 Midwinter Fairytale

Party Food
28 Centrepieces
30 Savoury Delights
31 Sweet Treats
33 Tasty Veggies A And Vegan Delights

Glorious Festive Food
40 Spectacular Gammon
42 Free-From Festive Feast
46 White Christmas

Perfect Presents
49 Stocking Fillers
50 A Touch Of Gold
52 For The Kids
56 For Him
59 For Her
61 For Your BFF
63 For The Little Ones
65 For Four Legged Friends

Festive Know-how
68 Beautiful Bulbs
70 The Easy Way To Slim
80 Festive Fashion
98 Fancy That!

Christmas Getaways
90 Explore The Rockies
92 Lovely La Palma
90 The Best Of Thailand

Christmas gatherings will be very special indeed when you try out some of the amazing projects in your free 24-page craft magazine. It’s packed with inspiration for cute knits, quirky papercraft and many other fabulous ideas to make and enjoy! And, if that’s not enough, check out your free 28-page cupcake magazine which contains all you need to know to make your best ever display of festive cupcakes. Yum!

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