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Vegan Food & Living, November 2019

„Vegan Food & Living, November 2019” on ajakiri. Ajakirja seisukord: uus.

Vegan Food & Living, November 2019 kaanepilt – front cover

Hind: 12.90

Toimetanud Rachel Smith.

„Vegan Food & Living, November 2019” – tutvustus

I must admit, before working on a food magazine I often resembled Scrooge at Christmas. But when you’re sent details teasing the exciting new vegan products coming to stores as early as July, it’s hard not to get in the festive spirit! I’m delighted to welcome you to the first of our Christmas issues, which is absolutely bursting with inspiration to help you have your best Christmas yet. Discover a vast array of tempting recipes that will delight the taste buds of even your most tempestuous guests, from main courses (p 12) to Boxing Day brunches (P 44).
Whilst Christmas is a jolly occasion, there’s no doubt that it can come with financial pressures, so in this issue we show you how to celebrate on a budget (p 30) to lighten the burden. Plus you can get crafty and save your pennies with our edible gift guide (p 86) – a great way to show your loved ones how much you care!
Spending time with family and friends is one of the great joys of Christmas, but if you want to avoid the typical arguments that can arise with non-vegan guests, check out Veganuary’s guide on how to deal with any awkward situations (p 42) so you can keep the peace whilst gently educating your guests.
Here at Vegan Food & Living, we feel strongly that our mental health is of the utmost importance – approximately one in four of us experience a mental health problem each year. That’s why well be donating lop from every copy of this issue sold to Bath Mind. Join us in talking more, being kinder and supporting Bath Mind this month. We hope it’s a happy and healthy one for you all!
– Rachel Smith



12 Butternut squash and kale tart
14 Date and almond cake
14 Mince pies
16 Cashew, pear and chocolate baked oats
16 Tandoori carrots on bean tomato dip
18 Gingerbread granola
18 Loaded cauliflower baked potato soup
20 Cinnamon-almond hot chocolate
20 No-bake orange chocolate fudge
22 Fennel and asparagus soup
22 Gingerbread cheesecake
24 Easy skillet hash
25 Chestnut, port and thyme strudel
26 Low-fat oven roastie cubes
26 Potato stuffed Portobello mushrooms
22 Potato and onion bhaji
36 Oaty pancakes, avocado, mushrooms
37 Crispy rice paper bacon

37 Breakfast banana bars
38 Almond porridge with cranberry sauce
39 Grilled avocado with tomato chutney
40 Berry latte
40 English muffins

Boxing Day brunch
44 Moroccan-style avocado on toast
44 Fry-up
46 Herby scrambled tofu with tomatoes
46 Cherry Bakewell bircher muesli

30-minute meals
49 Cauliflower steak shawarma
49 East African-style lentil stew
50 Rainbow vegetable stir-fry
51 Golden tofu curry with rice noodles

52 Zuppa di verdure
53 Mushroom ramen
53 Yasai samla curry

Managing blood sugar
63 Sweet and sour macro bowl
64 Mashed veggie ‘potatoes’ with cheesy Brussels sprouts and kale
64 Edible cookie dough

Infused waters
67 Blackberry, Clementine and clove
67 Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon
67 Lemon, ginger and turmeric

Pasta from nonna
69 Tagliatelle with pureed broad beans
70 Fregula and bean soup
71 Busiate with Trapanese pesto

76 Creamy cashew carbonara
76 Gluten-free focaccia
77 Easy one-pot pasta bake
78 Potato and aubergine curry
79 Cauliflower and aubergine curry
79 Lentil and mushroom shepherd’s pie
80 Green enchilada lasagne
80 Swedish tofu balls

Festive drinks
84 Passionfruit and chilli martini cocktail
85 Piña almanda
85 Iced coffee tahini twist

Edible gifts
86 Creamy chocolate fudge
87 Cherry and cranberry pie
87 Christmas brandy truffles
88 Dark chocolate bars

90 Carrot muffins
91 Chocolate cake pops
91 Almond tahini cookies
92 Chocolate mudcake
93 Jaffa marble bundt cake
93 Fruity froyo
94 White chocolate and raspberry baked cheesecake
95 Banana tahini cake
96 Frangipane apple tart
97 Chocolate and hazelnut butter pudding
97 Mini apricot coconut tartlets

Sara Kidd
99 Apple glaze cake

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Ajakirja „Vegan Food & Living, November 2019” ilmumisandmed: Anthem Publishing, 2019

ISBN/EAN: 070989303799

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