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Vegan Food & Living, Christmas 2017
101 plant-based recipes

„Vegan Food & Living, Christmas 2017” on ajakiri. Ajakirja seisukord: uus.

Vegan Food & Living, Christmas 2017 101 plant-based recipes kaanepilt – front cover

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Toimetaja: Rachel Smith.

„Vegan Food & Living, Christmas 2017” – tutvustus

Ah Christmas – the one day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to eat and drink until you fall into a merry slumber on the sofa! It’s hard to believe there are only a couple of months to go until the big day, it’s come around so quickly this year. 2017 has been such an incredible year for vegans, and we’re excited that there will be many more people shunning the traditional turkey and creating new traditions with their cruelty-free celebrations up and down the country. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make sure you have the perfect day, check out our ultimate guide to Christmas on page 8, while on page 10 you can find out all about achieving the right nutritional balance at the time of year we all notoriously overindulge.
We’ve also got plenty of delicious dishes that the whole family (even those who normally turn their noses up at vegan fare!) will adore, as well as some irresistible nibbles that will make sure you’re the talk of your work Christmas party for all the right reasons this year! If you’re like me and leave your gift shopping until the very last minute, we’ve got you covered from page 103 with our homemade edible gifts, which are the perfect ways to show you care.
So whether it’s your first vegan Christmas, or your 50th, we’re sure you’ll find something new to wow your guests with this year in our special festive cookbook.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
– Rachel Smith

Recipes in Vegan Food & Living, Christmas 2017

Christmas Day startes
Waldorf salad
Street fair corn
Street-cart pretzels
Manhattan glam chowder
Kale, potato and Brussels sprout salad
Thai mushroom soup with wantons
Vegan parcels

Christmas mains
Christmas roast
Mushroom and herb roast
Chioggia beetroot tartare
Beetroot and parsnip mash
Roasted shallot and cranberry chutney
Winter vegetable coulibiac
Festive pithiviers with chutney
Asian roasted Brussels sprouts
Roast cauliflower with tahini dip
Caramelised fennel with fennel seeds
Caramelised baked vegetables
Potato kibbeh
Vegan nut roast with cranberry compote
Chestnut and butter bean Wellington

Boxing Day
Italian ’cheesy’ moxballs
Daily greens frying pan filo pie
Cauliflower rig ’n’ cheese
Shepherdless pie
Macaroni pies
Woodland pie
Shallot and cauliflower piccalilli
Shallot foccacia
Parsnip crisps
Macademia and cauliflower hummus
Cauliflower tabouleh
Jewelled freekeh salad
Fennel and purple cabbage cashew slaw
Leftover roast carrot pancakes
Green tomato chutney
Beetroot, walnut and herb dip
Easy cauliflower and kale korma

Hearty mushroom soup
Pearl barley and vegetable broth
Spicy carrot falafels
Trinidad chickpea and sweet potato roti
Provencal socca
Soparnik pies with onions and greens
Corn and tofu pie
Pastry snails with spicy pumpkin filling
Korean shiitake and noodle bowl
Onions with walnut stuffing
Beetroot, aduki bean and cacao chi

Party food
Broad bean and sesame dip
Kale crisps
Garlic tortilla chips
Black bean and harissa dip
Chèvre noir
Aged Gruyère
Cheesy vegan meatballs
Vegan cheese sticks
Vegan pakora with sweet potato
Vegan za’atar breadsticks
Mini calzones
Vegan cream cheese and cranberry parcels
Beetroot and butter bean hummus

New Year’s Day brunch
Breakfast potato bowl
Blueberry corn cakes
Chilaquiles with coriander cream
Spiced ginger, pecan and pear granola
Coconut banana granola bars
No-knead loaf
Carrot breakfast bread
Spiced almond and pecan butter
Hazelnut cinnamon hot chocolate

Winter fruit poached in mulled wine
Orange chocolatey pudding
Gingerbread men
Orange Oreo cheesecake
Chocolate and brandy truffle torte
Bite-sized mini Christmas puddings
Cherry cheesecake
Mince pies
Christmas pudding
Magic mince tarts
Spiced pumpkin tarts
Raw mini Christmas puddings
Banana and raspberry crumble
Pear tart
Holiday doughnuts
Coconut panna cotta

Niki’s Christmas nuts
Whiskey tablet
Choc orange almond bliss balls
Dark beetroot truffles
Coconut caramel patties
Peanut butter cup freezer fudge
Raw hazelnut truffles
Hazelnut and ginger fudge bark
Pickled shallots
Shallot and orange marmalade
Gingerbread truffles

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