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Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016
Your best-ever Christmas ham and pork recipes, stunning sides and star salads plus the sweetest gifts, desserts to impress and simple entertaining ideas

Trükise „Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016 Your best-ever Christmas ham and pork recipes, stunning sides and star salads plus the sweetest gifts, desserts to impress and simple entertaining ideas” kaanepilt. Cover picture of „Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016 Your best-ever Christmas ham and pork recipes, stunning sides and star salads plus the sweetest gifts, desserts to impress and simple entertaining ideas”.

Hind: 12.90

Peatoimetaja: Donna Hay.

ISBN/EAN: 9771445861013

„Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016” on ajakiri, 196 lk; 22,0 × 28,5 cm; ↔ 0,7 cm; 520 g.
Ajakirja seisukord: nagu uus.

Ajakiri „Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016” asub Tallinna kesklinnas, Kentmanni 10-19: saame kohe teele panna või saate sellele ise E–R 9–17 (kokkuleppel ka muul ajal) järele tulla.

„Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016” – tutvustus

I love Christmas for its spirit of togetherness – the excuse for long (sometimes quite rowdy!) lunches with loved ones, lots of catch-ups and, of course, time spent sharing and enjoying amazing food.
I’ve hosted more than a few of those long Christmas lunches over the years, and one thing that has always served me well, is keeping it simple. I always like to build a relaxed menu around a few of the classics – for me, that always starts with a beautiful glazed ham or a perfectly crispy pork – then I add a variety of sides and, of course, a show-stopping dessert that’s as easy as it is impressive. This issue is packed with ideas to help you through what we all know can sometimes be a stressful day. Our recipes for the best-ever ham, roast chicken and pork, plus our stunning selection of side dishes (page 121), are guaranteed crowd-pleasers you can rely on, even when the festive season is at its most frantic. I’m also loving our Quick Fixes this issue (page 45), with the easiest dips and nut mixes you can throw together in a snap when entertaining – they’re perfect to take to parties, too.
For me, the best celebration is always topped off with a spectacular dessert, and you need look no further for your next sweet masterpiece than our luscious trifle feature (page 158) – these treats are all set to steal the scene at your festive table (and I guarantee your guests will be talking about them for years to come!). Then, all that’s left to do is keep the drinks topped up and settle in to share an enjoyable feast with all the ones you love. Thanks for spending another year with us – we have some exciting and innovative changes planned for 2016 that I can’t wait to share with you but, for now, I’d just like to say a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. We wish you all the best!
– Donna Hay

Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016 recipes

• apple and bay-brined roast pork
• beef and veal harissa meatballs with tomato relish
• buttermilk-brined sage turkey breast with red currant sauce
• chipotle chilli chicken drumsticks with lime sour cream
• crispy pork belly with fennel black salt
• lamb skewers with tahini beetroot salad
• pork and kimchi potstickers
• quinoa-crumbed mustard pork chops with apple salad
• roast chicken with plum oyster sauce
• spiced sugar and pecan-crusted ham with whiskey glaze
• thai red curry roasted spatchcocks
• veal, pork and pistachio sausage roll
• vincotto roast chicken with herb and sherry stuffing
• za’atar roasted lamb rack

• campari and dill-cured salmon with lavosh and caviar
• chilli garlic prawns with flatbread
• dill and butter bean fish cakes
• grilled lobster with taramasalata butteri
• hot-smoked trout, poached egg and horseradish bruschetta
• mini salmon, pink peppercorn and ricotta quiches
• pickled chilli salmon skewers
• seared tuna burgers with ginger-pickled onion
• sesame-crusted salmon with wasabi slaw
• smoked salmon, avocado and pickled chilli rice paper rolls
• smoked salmon, wasabi and radish finger sandwiches

• baby asparagus with garlic oregano crumbsi
• char-grilled squid and pesto pasta
• chicken and fennel pasta
• fig and beetroot salad with goat’s cheese dressing
• gorgonzola and rosemary roasted potatoes
• prosciutto-wrapped baby carrots
• ricotta and heirloom tomato tart
• roasted broccoli and sorrel salad
• roasted duck fat tarragon potatoes
• roasted zucchini lasagne
• thyme and champagne-roasted parsnips
• tomato and buffalo mozzarella pizza; with fig vincotto
• tomato, chorizo and goat’s curd frittata

• black sea salt and chocolate caramel macarons
• bourbon sugar and pretzel truffles
• brandy eggnog panettone trifle
• butterscotch truffles
• caramel swirl marshmallows
• cherry and brandy swirl custard
• choc-cherry truffles with salted coconut
• chocolate orange custard
• chocolate snap cookies with dulce de leche
• Christmas cake ice-cream truffles
• classic pavlova
• coffee amaretti truffles
• coffee and amaretti trifle
• dark chocolate, clementine and honeycomb truffles
• eggnog truffles
• gingerbread and peanut caramel bars
• gingerbread, sherry and caramel trifle
• ginger caramel custard
• mince pie ice-cream sandwiches
• peach and sloe gin jelly trifle
• popcorn honeycomb shards
• profiterole, whiskey and maple trifle
• raspberry and chocolate frozen trifle
• raspberry swirl yoghurt pops
• rum and raisin maple custard
• rum and raisin truffles
• stone fruit, coconut and ginger crumble
• twisted honey caramels
• white chocolate candy cane truffles

• apple and basil salted martini punch
• blueberry, tarragon and vodka punch
• elderflower and peach rosé sangria
• strawberry and rosemary sloe gin cocktail
• watermelon, white rum and ginger punch

• artichoke and dukkah hummus
• beetroot and cumin hummus with toasted walnuts
• brown sugar, orange and smoked salt pecans
• honey and bay-roasted baby pears
• maple and mustard pretzel nut mix
• mixed crostini
• peach, chilli and rosemary chutney
• sage, speck and roasted garlic pull-apart bread
• smoked almond hummus with vincotto and currants
• smoked paprika, chilli and lime peanuts
• smoked salmon, mascarpone and tarragon pate
• spinach, feta and dill hummus with pine nuts
• whiskey and rosemary honey nut mix

Ajakirjaga „Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016” seonduvad märksõnad: toiduvalmistamine, toiduretseptid, ajakirjad, jõulud

Ajakirja „Donna Hay Magazine, December-January 2016” ilmumisandmed: NewsLifeMedia, 2016

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