Beginners Guide to Crochet
Learn to crochet today!

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Welcome to The Beginners Guide To Crochet!
Wjether you’ve never picked up a hook before, or learned to crochet long ago but haven’t tried since, this book will help you to discover (or rediscover!) the basics of this wonderfully versatile craft.
Crochet is a fantastic way to create your own accessories, as well as toys for children, stylish clothes, beautiful homewares and fab gifts for all the family. It’s quick, easy and convenient: all you need is a hook and a ball of yarn! Armed with these, you can get creative with crochet wherever you are – at home, on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s … It’s no wonder many find it addictive!
We’ll walk you through every step with clear instructions an dimages, from choosing which yarn and hook you use to making some basic stitches, so you can become a confident crocheter. We also have gorgeous projects for you to make as you go along, from granny squares to cute toys, to help you practise each technique.
So sit down and relax with us, while we take you into an exciting new crochet-filled world of yarn crafting!
– Becky Skuse, Editor


Yarns All you need to know about yarn fibres, textures and ball bands
Hooks & Tools Discover hooks of different sizes, types and materials
Notions Handy little bits for crocheters
Know-how Key terms and abbreviations explained so you can follow a crochet pattern

Getting started How to hold the hook and yarn, and make a slipknot
Making chains This is the foundation of crochet
PROJECT Bracelets Easy chain stitch makes
Slip stitch A handy technique
Double crochet Learn your first crochet stitch
PROJECT Hair bow Super-sweet hairband using double crochet
Fasten off & weave in ends How to finish off your projects neatly
Treble crochet Learn this popular stitch
Turning chains & tension squares Our guides to these key techniques
PROJECT Summer scarf Gorgeous accessory that uses trebles and chains

All about rounds To make 3D and flat shapes
Foundation rings How to make three simple rings
Double or treble in the round How to work stitches into rings
PROJECT Pretty flower-corsage A cute little decoration for any outfit

All about colour Create different colour effects
Change colour Easy ways to work stripes and rounds of colour
PROJECT Granny square A fun way get creative with colour

All about shaping Vital for making toys, hats, flowers and garments
Increasing The simple way to add stitches in double or treble crochet
Decreasing Easy ways to reduce stitches in double and treble
PROJECT Triangles & circles Use double crochet to make bunting, coasters and place mats
PROJECT Wine bottle cover Practise using treble shaping stitches

Half treble A handy stitch that’s in between a double and a treble
PROJECT Wavy poncho Drape yourself in lace
Double treble Learn this tall, lacy stitch
PROJECT Lacy borders Great for decorating napkins or hems
Triple treble The final standard crochet stitch, it’s the tallest and laciest
PROJECT Heart squares Spread the love with these squares, which use all the crochet stitches

All about amigurumi Our guide to adorable animals & cute critters
Work rounds in a spiral To create crochet toys
PROJECT Little pig You won’t be able to resist this cute little pig

All about finishing Our ideas for completing your project in style
Buttonholes How to sew on buttons, and make buttonholes and loops
Embellishing Decorate your makes with tassels, pompoms and fringing
Washing, blocking and sewing up Essential skills for you to know
PROJECT Sweet lace camisole You’re ready for your first garment!

Reading diagrams Our guide to crochet charts
More ideas Other fab crochet techniques to try
Stockists Time to shop!
Top 5 reasons to love crochet ... and there are many, many more!

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